collecting submissions For Summer 2020

Summer 2020 Theme: "Light"

In Scripture, light is used to represent truth, justice, goodness, and Jesus himself. REFER HERE for some examples!

We are looking for submissions for this summer's edition of Seasons Magazine that represent what "light" looks like in your life. We're accepting art, photographs, video, music, recipes, stories, poetry, reflections, testimony, summer recipes, etc!

Some questions you may consider are:

  • What beauty has light (figurative or literal) revealed to me?

  • What type of truth do I long to have brought into the light?

  • How is my summer and life influenced by the presence of the warm, beautiful sun?

  • How can I be inspired by light to create a work of art?

  • Darkness isn't always bad, but is often used to represent life without Christ.

    • How is your life different because of the light of Christ?

    • How would it be different in the "dark"?

  • What is my favorite summer recipe that I want to share?

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