Ministry Teams

Weekend Services

Our newest team, hosting our public services to keep everyone safe and feeling at home!

 Host TEAM

Weekend Services

The teams who make sure our weekend services are welcoming, safe, and caffeinated.


Schedule varies

Meeting needs throughout our city through partnering with other churches and the community.


Weekend Services +

The team making sure our online community platforms are active, engaging, and running smoothly.

 online Team

Tuesday nights and special events

Encouraging, discipling, and loving 7th-12th graders.


Events calendar varies

Seasonal community events, special church gatherings, and more!



Weekend Services

The music and production teams that lead us in corporate, musical worship.


Weekend Services

The team that helps children feel excited to go to church and not want to leave!


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Bell Hill (BH) Campus:

25 Belmont St. Worcester, MA 01605

Quinsig Village (QV) Campus:

46 Greenwood St. Worcester, MA 01607

(508) 304-7423

Office Hours: Tues-Fri 9am-5pm